The Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative (PBRI) collaboration agreement has been renewed for another five years. An independent review conducted by AgEcon, found the PBRI had achieved its key strategic goals of supporting cross-industry biosecurity research through coordination, collaboration, and co-investment. The PBRI members accepted the findings of the review and will continue to support the collaboration for another five years.

The members, including Australia’s seven plant industry – focused Research and Development Corporations and the have joined forces again to continue to invest in vital biosecurity research projects into the future. Projects in areas such as biosecurity preparedness, diagnostics, surveillance, and management technologies for high priority pest threats such as Xylella fastidiosa will continue to be supported. The PBRI will also continue to support capability building through its Biosecurity Extension Community and the PBRI Plant Health Student Network.

In the next five years, the PBRI looks forward to working with its national and international strategic partners such as Plant Health Australia, B3 New Zealand, the Australian Plant Health Committee, ACIAR and Euphresco, to make sure research investments are fit-for-purpose, prioritised and well-coordinated.

The biannual PBRI Symposium, will showcase biosecurity RD&E in Cairns on 8 & 9 May 2024 – Save the date!