We were excited to launch the new PBRI strategy at the QUT BEST Centre 2024 Nudgeathon, in Brisbane today.
The overarching purpose of the PBRI is to facilitate ‘Research collaboration for better plant biosecurity outcomes”.
Our new goals are to:
– Identify and explore novel approaches and technologies for biosecurity.
– Coordinate and leverage high value cross-sectoral investment in plant biosecurity innovation.
– Drive responsive collaboration for better plant biosecurity outcomes.
The strategy includes four new Key Focus Areas which were agreed to by all members: 1. Early Warning and Risk, 2. Diagnostics and Surveillance, 3. Resilient Crop Protection and 4. Response and Recovery.
These four areas will guide future PBRI collaboration and co-investment across plant industries.
Through this strategy we aim to support our plant industries by
– being better prepared for the arrival of new biosecurity threats
– making sure we have measures in place to detect and diagnose new threats that will enable a rapid response to minimise the impact to our industries.
– responding to pest, weed and disease threats with measures that meet trading partner requirements and environmental legislation.
– being equipped with tools, and expertise to identify and respond and recover from biosecurity threats on farm.
Together we have developed co-investment priorities which align to this five-year strategy and with the strategy we look forward to bringing more collaborative biosecurity projects to life.