Biosecurity extension insights from retail to on-farm

The sixth Biosecurity Extension Community meeting was held online on 14 December 2022, with 30 practitioners from multiple plant industries meeting to share insights, observations and best-practice on-farm biosecurity techniques. The Biosecurity…

PBRI joins Euphresco & B3 NZ to explore global coordination for plant health research

Australia, and the rest of the world, continue to face increasing biosecurity threats to our plant, animal industries and native environment. Recent calls for greater global coordination in biosecurity research to strengthen plant health made…

PBRI Ritman scholars support National Science Week 2022

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology and acknowledges the important contribution of Australian scientists to the world of knowledge. This year the event was held from 13 – 21 August. Science…

Biosecurity insights from bananas to bees

The third Biosecurity Extension meeting was held online on 26 October 2021. Fifty extension practitioners working across plant and honeybee industries, met to hear insights from the Queensland incursion of Panama disease tropical race 4…

New Partnership with the Plant Health Committee

A collaboration between PBRI and the Plant Health Committee was supported at the August PBRI Committee Meeting. Deputy Chair of Plant Health Committee, Dr Anne Walters emphasised the importance of this partnership in developing plant biosecurity…

Biosecurity Extension Community meets again

Members of the Biosecurity Extension Community heard insights from a major incursion for the WA vegetable industry, tomato potato psyllid, and the benefits of the Biosecure HACCP program for the nursery industry.

Over the horizon biosecurity workshop

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PBRI members met on 24 April to hear about research focused on ‘over the horizon’ biosecurity threats, a high priority area for the members.

Sustainable pest management – a high priority investment area for the PBRI

The PBRI has scheduled a series of workshops across the year to explore current and proposed research around agreed high priority topics. The purpose of these workshops is to collaborate across sectors, building on existing research investments…

Reflecting on the International Year of Plant Health in Australia

2020 was declared the International Year of Plant Health by the United Nations General Assembly and as the year draws to a close, we can reflect on the opportunities we had to raise global awareness on the importance of plant health.

$50 million in plant biosecurity projects prioritised and coordinated through national collaboration

The protection of our $32 billion plant industries is a priority of the highest order, and this provides drive and focus for the collaborative Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative.