Year 2020 has been declared as the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) by the United Nations General Assembly to emphasise the importance of plant health protection in ending hunger, reducing poverty, protecting the environment and boosting economic development.

IYPH aims to contribute to:

  • raising awareness that plant health is crucial for all life on earth, how human actions contribute to plant health and how healthier plants benefit the environment
  • preventing plant pests and diseases from spreading
  • eradicating plant pests and diseases or managing them better when eradication is not possible
  • increasing funding for national and regional plant protection organisations as the first line of defence against plant pests and diseases.

The IYPH will be celebrated around the world. In Australia, PBRI is working with the Australian IYPH Steering Committee in planning a series of activities to emphasise the important role played by the RDCs, PHA and the Australian Government in contributing to Australia’s enviable plant health system that is recognised globally.

We will also aim to increase the community’s understanding of the importance of plant health in being a part of a strong biosecurity system.

More will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!

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