Springer Science + Business Media has expressed strong interest in publishing a second edition of The Handbook of Plant Biosecurity, Principles and Practices for the Identification, Containment, and Control of Organisms that Threaten Agriculture and the Environment Globally.

The first edition, edited by Gordon Gordh and Simon McKirdy, was published in 2014 and has enjoyed great success as a seminal reference for the broad community of scientists, regulators, students and others with a need to understand phytosanitary concepts and their application. The editors have agreed with Springer to pursue the opportunity to create a second edition and are in the process of exploring potential authorship.

The proposed subtitle for the new handbook is Shaping the Future. Plans include updating and expanding on many topics covered in the first edition but with a stronger emphasis on the biosecurity continuum, new technology, and future challenges. The goal is to complement the first edition with contemporary concepts, case studies, and information that inform the future of Plant Biosecurity in parallel with the United Nations International Year of Plant Health (IYPH 2020).

Subject matter experts are invited to consider contributing to this important effort as authors and reviewers by contacting the lead editor Simon McKirdy with your proposals before 31 October 2019.